Maison&Objet - September 2017

We have learned it from fashion: from the most rigorous to the most unexpected outfits, a detail is enough to define the overall character. So an accessory becomes more desirable than a must-have. From the clothes with which we wrap ourselves to the objects with which we dress our home, it’s a sort of instantly falling in love, pure “one-love”, the one that you can develop for some objects of the new GHIDINI1961 Collection, shown during the Paris Design Week of September 2017, which surprisingly subvert the aesthetic perception of an environment.

Exactly the union with the Fashion universe was accurately highlighted by the prestigious boutique LECLAIREUR – rue Boissy d’Anglas – where GHIDINI1961 found its natural cradle in a window conceived just for the occasion.


The poetic lightness of a coffee tables set that run after themselves as flowers in a meadow; the provocation of a mirror/pan that it’s easier to treat as a private collection piece than as a functional element; the umbrella holder, forgotten till now, with his iconic elegance is done to be looked first entering home; the perspective rigour of a trays set that causes a play between function and proportion. They are perfect in their manufacture. Useful, practical and harmonious but first of all beautiful, so beautiful to leave aside their use. All to be owned because GHIDINI1961 is, starting from now, in our imaginary, in our life, in our wish list with objects to be looked and preserved – as the guests of the fair Maison&Objet could testify. The GHIDINI1961 collection invites to elect the object of your dreams among small jewels of style and design.