Expertise and know-how for brass productions

Over 50 years of expertise...

Everything begins from the historical Ghidini Bosco of Villa Carcina, in the outskirts of Brescia. A factory that always belonged to the recognized Italian manufacturing excellence. From these solid roots Ghidini 1961 was born in 2016, a design brand led by the Art Direction of Stefano Giovannoni that blended a very diverse creative group, able to play and enhance the properties of brass. This very precious and shiny material, has been wrongly forgotten in the design field, despite its warm surface and pleasant look.

Thanks to the manufacturing know-how developed with over 50 years of experience in treating metals, the company is now able to always find the best solution for developing what the designers have imagined. A development process that begins from open discussions, a clear analysis of the idea and the designer’s sketches, made in order to rightfully choose the best path of development and ultimately production.

Various manufacturing techniques are available to the designers: from die-casting, to lost wax, gravity and sand casting, laser cutting and sheet processing. At Ghidini 1961 every piece is broken down to primary forms and worked with great dedication. As there are multiple ways of developing a product, the critical ability of the company is to determine the best way of action.

Among the main factors that drive GHIDINI1961 forward are: aesthetics, the weights and quality of materials. These get very carefully analysed while creating an object, a product to live with. Technology and raw materials, sourced among the best in class, are bent and used for the most diverse aesthetic and functional needs, guaranteeing excellent machinability and finishing which are expressing with significance the certification made in Italy.