As told by Studio Job

Push Pin (the story)

One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that my life has been a series of decisions.
Very good decisions and very bad decisions, in equal measure.
My very best 'good decision' was taking myself out to bar one cold evening, 26 January 1996. For that was the evening that I first laid eyes on Nynke, across a crowded and smoke-filled room. That was the night where I experienced love at first sight, I met my soul mate, my life partner, my muse and the truest love of my life. That was the night where studio job and my future happiness was born.

Yes, that was a very very good decision.

Now for the bad decision.

Some time later, spring 1997, doubt began to enter my life and my mind. Where was I going? Where was my career heading? Surely not in Eindhoven but Amsterdam.

So I ended the relationship with the love of my life and set off alone for the glittering promise of success and fame. Bad decision.

Really bad decision.

After a miserable and lonely period without Nynke it became clear that I must have her back. I must be with her. But by then, Nynke was long gone.

I moved back to be near her and began a serious campaign to win back her love and restart the journey we had begun together in the winter of ‘96.

Each day without her I marked by pressing a bright and shiny drawing pin into the gentle resistance of a large church candle. This went on for days and months and the candle, now covered in rows of gleaming brass discs had a beauty of its own.

By true miracle, when I had completely covered the candle in a suit of armour made of pins - Nynke returned to me and the flame of our love was re-ignited.

The rest is....