Noè Duchaufour-Lawrence

Flirt Collection - Ema&Lou

Vase in brass or copper

“The collection that I designed for Ghidini 1961, FLIRT COLLECTION is comprised of three vases that can be reversed to offer different functions and a bigger range of use. Joe & Ema Ema & Lou Gil & Luc A fruit bowl can become a vase, a smaller vase can turn into a larger vase or a champagne bucket. Shapes are literally flirting together and extending the possibility of brass, giving flexibility to metal.”


Ø20x38H cm

ND501PB103Polished brass

ND501RG103Rose gold


"I thought about the golden tones of brass of how the light reflects on it and historical importance of the material. There is a clear connection between the different elements of these pieces, but the shapes can be reimagined in different configurations and still retain their beauty."