Campana Brothers



Spiral of brass, a dizzying vortex of reflected light. A thousand liquid rings rise from a hypothetical sea, expand and crown themselves with fragrant flowers. It’s a highly evocative object, fascinating for its shape and shine. The one designed by the Campana Brothers is a good tornado, the only one that brings color and light into the home.

Vase in brass and copper

25 X 37H CM

CB501PB101Polished brass


“Like a tornado is our approach to this project. We are expressing our approach to design and our artistic feeling like a whirl wind that is trying to catch the moment. The instant take is decomposed and thrown into the intellectual space immediately. Strong winds of change declare how we are still able to express through our duality a profound unit that is not possible to break. The bound of our brotherhood is expressed through the devastating consequences of a tornado, that is establishing the always changing rules of continuity. Expression is stronger than explanations since we are talking about feelings. The best is to crown the vase with flowers”. Campana Brothers