Paolo Rizzatto

Katana - Sofa


Thus the elliptical section of the leg emphasizes its elegant and solid supporting element. The padded seat, simple and closed, suggests possible variations of shapes, dimensions and materials in relation to use and comfort. Finally, the back formally released from the seat, allows you to free its nature of element strongly characterizing the seat: it can then be dilated or enveloping, high or low, rigid or soft, exaggerated or contained, allowing even in this case the freest combination of variations.


120 X 53 X 66H CM

PR206PB101Polished brass


"The series of seatings " Katana " identify and combine in a balanced synthesis the three elements that characterize seats (the legs, the seat, the backrest), but at the same time makes them understandable one separated from the other, enhancing in that way the different specific characteristics and mutual relations."