Campana Brothers

Sticks - Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Three crossed twigs are the memory of fire. An evocative and emotional object, a small table poetry. As always Campana Brothers take their inspiration by the lush and wild Brazilian nature, covered by large forests and millions of branches, which is enough to observe with a free look and be inspired.

Candle Holder

28X28X30H CM

CB501PB103Polished brass


"═×Sticks put together with the precision of a ritual practice of some remote tribe. The accuracy that we use is like a ceremony that is expressed through a design process that wants to use sculpture as a tool of expression. The sticks could be ready for a fire as a sacral ceremony to express the significance of the moment. From ashes to ashes a constant guide through history in a significant material like brass that color and reflection could symbolize fire". Campana Brothers